We have hens!

Considered to be redundant and past their prime, ten pretty hens were transported from their factory farm to our garden on 26th July. A few days later, bossy Sarah arrived, from a good home in Brixton. In spite of their unhappy past, the rescue hens soon worked out what was food, what was drink and … Continue reading We have hens!

Bees, Birds and Some Serious Cakes

Well, we didn’t get to cover the birds but the bees blew us away – and the cakes were plentiful and delicious. On Sunday the Glengall beekeepers helped us don suits while the brave put their hands in their pockets and their hoods up, and we watched and listened to the Story of Bees. Then Florence brewed … Continue reading Bees, Birds and Some Serious Cakes

Pond pranks

Our merry pranksters have prepared the pond! Filling it now so no one walks off with the liner.....Soon will be surrounded by wildlife and teeming with creatures. It's our black lagoon, where mini monsters will emerge from the deep to munch away at pests and predators and attract a host of damsel flies and dragons … Continue reading Pond pranks

Lucky bugs – have lodgings!

Volunteers have cleared the scrub from the driveway area and built the foundation for a bug fence - huge amount achieved in a day...... Now we need you all to come in and help finish clearing the soil back to the paving, dig out the odd buddleia r...