GWG & Co Op Local Community Fund

GWG & Co Op Local Community Fund

Glengall Wharf Garden is a Co-Op Local Community Fund Cause! This means that you can support us every time you shop at your local Co-Op. 

To give 2p of every £1 shop – visit our Co-Op Community Fund webpage and sign in to your member account (or if you dont have an account there’s a quick sign up to become a member).

For every £1 members spend on selected Co-op branded products and services, 2p  will go into their membership account. The same amount will support community organisations and  local causes like GWG.

Co-Op spilt this equally between: 

Local Community Fund. Members have raised £84 million for over 25,000 causes since 2016

Community Partnerships Fund. Co-op work with like-minded national organisations to create lasting change on the issues we care about

To collect rewards and contribute to our cause, members must swipe or scan their membership card when they shop.