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  • Seed team are go!

    Had some enthusiastic seed sowing beginners at the garden today who by the end of the session had sown cucumbers, courgettes and squash – and several types of each. Next we’ll be broadcasting tiny seeds on trays and then the last week we’ll show how to transplant seedlings and pot on. All plants up for […]

  • Pretty polycultures

    Herbs and wildflowers establishing on our hugel mounds. Species here include white clover, borage, milk thistle, cut leaf cranesbill, yarrow, purple dead nettle, daisy, cleavers. Great mullein, marigold, purple dead nettle, blue and white borage, sow thistle.

  • Biospheres, aquaspheres, forests and food

    As part of the Land Centre network (, we’ve just been up north to Manchester and Salford to see some amazing projects, meet up with other Land Centre people, share juicy knowledge of permaculture and think about the International Permaculture convergence which will be happening in London in September 2015. One of the places we […]

  • Forest gardeners

    New layers added to our forest garden. We planted blueberries, ground cover raspberries, rhubarb, tree onions,  medlar, cherry plum, seaberry (buckthorn), Siberian pea tree, robinia, and bamboo. New wild flowers included woodruff, hedge woundwort, great mullein and musk mallow We transplanted our gojiberries, plum, new zealand flax and some more blueberries. A very fruitful day and will […]

  • We’ve got the measure of it…….or beginning to at least.

    We spent the day learning practical surveying techniques for measuring length, height difference, contours etc with a few home made devices. A dash of ribena in the bunyip or water level made it easier to read the differences. All the info gathered will feed into our plans for the forest garden. The A frame Marking […]

  • Forest garden permablitz (with a bit of fungal fever)

    A brilliant day had by all lugging wet cardboard, steaming manure and piles of wood chip to our forest garden. Using sheet mulching, we are aiming to build up new soil in this area and transform from a heap of old rubble into a healthy forest garden.  Fruit trees and shrubs planted in spring have […]

  • The Forest Garden

    The photos show the plot we’ll be developing into a forest garden over the winter. What we currently have is a mound of rubble and earth. The plan is to map and mark the contours, then build retaining walls of rubble and buddleia branches (all ava…

  • Permaculture zones