Category: Organic food

  • Peckham melons!

    We have reintroduced the melon into Peckham……Watermelon  ‘Sugar Baby’,  seeds courtesy of Lidl.  

  • Grown in Peckham: Summer harvesting

    Went away for 3 weeks and everything had doubled in size by the time I got back! Lettuce and courgettes are coming on a treat, although most of the tomatoes remain stubbornly green… This week’s harvest included: yellow zucchini, chantenay carrots, french & runner beans,  cinammon basil, some beautiful heritage cucumbers (thanks Annina!) and a handful […]

  • It’s elder time!

    It’s elder time! – try straight from the tree.

  • Persimmon or kaki friut – Diospyros kaki

    This is a delicious fruit once ripened and frosted. This beautiful specimen is found in Chumleigh Gardens.A native of china and japan see link for more info.