What a transformation!


We have been in possession of the site for just over a year, and started clearing the brambles and buddleia that dominated the area. It’s been a slog, and the brambles want to be here, but we are going to plant a wide range of edible and medicinal plants, both annual and perennial, and build up a great diversity of useful species to use and learn about.

It hasn’t cost Southwark Council a penny to transform a once neglected park space into a vibrant and lively hub of community activity.

We go from strength to strength, gathering pace as we clarify our ideas and new people come on board to share their skills and experience, enthusiasm or muscle power – we need lots of all of those to keep things moving forward.

We’re not in a huge hurry, things happen in their own time according to their season. Meanwhile we watch and learn, observe our space, what succeeds, what grows, what likes it and what doesn’t….

Once the constructions over, the greening up begins. We are ordering a wide range of wild flower seeds and green manures to cover the mounds and stabilise over winter. Then we’ll start to plant perennial plants, shrubs and herbs that will attract birds and butterflies, stop the soil sliding off and add nutrients for other plants. 

This project is for everyone so come along and get involved, share your ideas and help us make a fantastic and sustainable community resource.


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