Treasurer and Finance Working Group roles available

Treasurer and Finance Working Group roles available

We are looking for a number of people with financial skills to join our new Finance Working group, including one person to be our named Treasurer.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to keeping the garden running, work alongside others, get more experience and increase your skills.

If you would like to become part of our Finance Working Group, please email

Details of the Treasurer role are below:

Glengall Wharf Garden Treasurer

About us

We founded Glengall Wharf Garden eight years ago at the east end of Burgess Park. From running weekly gardening sessions, chicken and beekeeping, running permaculture sessions as well as hosting courses, campfire nights and film screenings, we’ve created a lively, ecological and beautiful space for the whole community to come together.

The garden is a 2600m2 space developed from a brownfield site within Burgess Park. With food growing beds, polytunnels, a forest garden, ponds and nature areas as well as space to cook, make stuff and relax, we hope there is something here for everyone.

We have a food-growing project, which has been making regular deliveries of produce to the local food bank. A group called the Little Gardeners (for pre-school children and their parents) uses the garden every Monday. We are also open to the public every Sunday afternoon.

There is lots more we would like to do if we can generate further interest, funds and experience.

Having created the garden from scratch, we now wish to embark on developing the project to make it more accessible and more relevant to the local community. This will entail further fundraising, building capacity, being open more, and working more with targeted groups as well as researching community business models for further income generation.

We are currently an Unincorporated Association, but are working towards establishing a Charity this year.

About the treasurer role

We are looking for someone with experience of managing a community group’s accounts.

You will work closely with our Finance Working Group, and with our Steering Group, to develop new financial policies and practices.

As we are currently reviewing our organisation’s status and researching where we want to be in the next five years. There may be work helping us establish new policies and practices relevant to a charity.

This is a voluntary role.

Main responsibilities

  • Act as one of the signatories on our bank account
  • Oversee the Garden’s finances
  • Manage the bank account
  • Liaise with paid workers regarding petty cash and project expenditure
  • Monitor all finances and expenditure
  • Help develop budgets
  • Make payments and manage invoicing
  • Produce end-of year accounts for the project, and/or liaise with accountants

Help us with

  • Raising funds – in conjunction with our Fundraising Working Group
  • Financial planning

Person specification

  • Organised: able to manage time efficiently, and present clear and timely reports and summaries.
  • Experience of managing group bank accounts, petty cash, bookkeeping, budgeting, financial planning.
  • Experience of grassroots community groups: ie, understand the voluntary nature of this type of organisation and the limited time available.

Time commitment


  • We have a monthly steering group meeting, at 10:30am on the last Sunday of each month.
  • Our Finance Working Group will also meet monthly, at a time that suits you, to be arranged.

Other time required: 2-4 hours per month. More may be required on occasion.


We will cover out of pocket expenses on prior agreement.

If you are interested in becoming our new Treasurer, or joining our Finance Working Group, please email with details of your interest and experience.

We look forward to hearing from you!