Sunshine, soil and pizza success!

Worries about the weather disappeared almost as soon as we came on site – the afternoon was fresh and glorious. A great turn out of people, lured by the promise of learning more about soil and how to manage it meant we got lots done and ate well.

Lasagna gardening, method

We started by layering horse manure directly over weeds (mainly grasses) P1030835

A nice thick layer was laid before dusting with rock dust and seaweed meal to help build essential trace elements.


Cardboard was laid thickly and wetted. It needs a good overlap of about 15cm. P1030859

Time out was taken to look and listen for frogs.


A layer of lovely leafmould, also wetted, followed by a thick layer of woodchip should do the trick. We’ll wait a few months and check the soil. We are feeding earthworms by providing lots of organic matter that they will quickly digest, excreting rich worm casts which will build soil.

P1030872 As May the 1st traditionally celebrates beltane, a fire was started to mark the beginning of summer. A bough of may was brought to the garden and placed with the bees. A mark of good luck for the year.


Frog exploration in earnest.


Happy seed sowers with very straight seed drills. Leeks and kale I believe. P1030875

The beltane fire was a hot one……


Some serious cooling off was then needed!


Pretty good pizzas!