Shelter and space

cabin ˈkabɪn / noun

1.a private room or compartment on a ship.
“she lay in her cabin on a steamer”   synonyms: berth, stateroom, compartment, room, deckhouse, sleeping quarters; More compartment, passenger area, passenger accommodation cab, compartment the area for passengers in an aircraft. “animals are not allowed in the cabin of the aircraft”
2.a small wooden shelter or house in a wild or remote area.”the cabin lay three miles into the reserve” synonyms: hut, log cabin, shanty, shack, shed;

An enthusiastic  team of  students  from the Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management at UCL and local volunteers spent a day preparing the base of the new log cabin /shed. Cabin building will continue next week but the result of the day is a fantastic foundation. Firm, square and lovingly put together.

Our cabin will be our classroom, space for our little library, information centre as well as shelter from inclement weather.

Every garden needs a shed and ours is almost here. Watch the space! In time we’ll add green roof, insulation, off grid power and of course somewhere to store the biscuits and make the tea.

Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Richard Hind who has led the group.

Look here  for more cabin inspiration 


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