Proud winners of a Green Flag Community Award

We have won a Green Flag Community Award from the Keep Britain Tidy brigade… not bad for a new garden.
We couldn’t have done this without the help of all our wonderful volunteers who work away behind the scenes. Thank you!

Some recent comments from visitors 

I visited when the garden first started up. It’s great to see how far it has come. I like the flowers on the hugel mounds, also good ideas for planting in odd containers.

Doing well…. Upkeep of the garden and lots of new infrastructure – toilet, shed….great!

Garden looking great, good additions of shed, toilet, bees! Lovely space.

This is the first time I’ve visited the project but immediately it seems incredibly welcoming and relaxed. The landscaping of the site is great, and the whole thing looks very fertile and potentially productive!

Great to have a place where neighbours can meet and socialise.