Hugel – perma – blitz – mania – we love them, do you?

Join us on sunday 26th October, 10-4pm to blitz our hugel mounds…..we made them in 2012, the first year they were ablaze with wildflowers, year two with poppies and year three they started to look a bit sad but worked well in places.


We made them too steep so the soil slid down creating a rich, deep growing area at the base. That left the tops bald and exposed.

The trees and large shrubs have established well on them.

The wasps have loved the holes exposed for making nests.

What we’ll do

Remove some of the top logs to level off.

Cut back and selectively weed, leaving roots in place to secure soil.

Finish weaving the small retaining walls that hold soil in place.

Add layers of well rotted manure and soil.

Mulch with freely available wood chip.

Plant up with perennial species e.g. strawberry, bush fruits. In spring we’ll plant wild white clover as a matrix and ground cover.

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