Building the bones of the garden

From monday 30th April we’ll be carrying out a range of construction works to install the bones of our garden.

We’ll be fencing the site to create a secure growing area that when finished will be open every day for park visitors. We’ll also be clearing some space to build growing mounds, building raised beds, a shelter and a pergola. A polytunnel will go in in the summer and we hope to be gardening and growing veg by may. In June we will be working with Art in the Park to create signage and interpretation for the project, much of which will be activity/workshop based involving you!

Landscaping and related items are funded by Community Spaces, a National Lottery fund we were very lucky to receive. For more details on what we are building, please have a look at our page  ‘The plan’ where a detailed plan of the first part of the projects development is shown.

For a while, the garden will be closed during the times we are not there. This is because landscaping works will be going on and the site needs to be safe and secure. We will make sure notices are on the fence and update them as the project progresses.

Please be patient – we’ll still run a work day between 1 – 3 pm on sundays and will carry on building other elements of the project,  there will be plenty for us to do and we need your support.



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