Biospheres, aquaspheres, forests and food

As part of the Land Centre network (, we’ve just been up north to Manchester and Salford to see some amazing projects, meet up with other Land Centre people, share juicy knowledge of permaculture and think about the International Permaculture convergence which will be happening in London in September 2015.

One of the places we visited was the Biospheric Project.

Completely different to us, mostly within a building, it’s a research project with a very scientific looking aquaponic system that integrates fish, plants, worms and rooftop polytunnels. Inspiring stuff. They are also trying to create systems that can be built in to new buildings.

A multi faceted project, it also included a forest garden, research into ridding soil toxins through fungal mycelia, edible mushrooms and their growing media (looks like coffee grounds are best) and a wholefood shop called 78 steps The shop was founded to put all the talk about healthy food and eating into action. Somewhere people can go to buy healthy food at affordable prices. Anyone! Beautifully designed and thought out too. And something that we could use around here.

78 steps



Edible fungi in a variety of growing media


Biospheric aquaponic system




Forest garden research